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SpringCT is Participating in CES 2024
One of the most powerful tech events in the world will take place from January 9 to 12 at Las Vegas. Businesses from across the industry and the world will showcase their product and technology innovation. Media, investors, and policymakers will also participate in the event in large numbers. We look forward to seeing you there.
Aria, a Conversational Chatbot 
Aria, powered by NLP algorithms and machine learning techniques, supports a variety of audio, video and text communication channels. Aria provides a personalized and engaging experience for users, while helping to reduce cost, improving quality of interaction and ensuring scalability of customer engagement.
HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare IT
Compliance with HIPAA Privacy Rules is critical for protection of a patient’s personal and health data. Here are some critical insights into achieving compliance for a software product.
Rotary KindHearts is Launched
Rotary KindHearts, a crowdfunding platform developed by SpringCT as a social service initiative to support Rotary’s projects, is officially launched on 2nd July 2023.
SpringCT Celebrates 16th Anniversary
Company celebrated 16 years of exceptional growth, innovation, and success on 27th June 2023
Pune’s Best Employer Award 2022 
SpringCT is honoured with PUNE BEST EMPLOYER BRAND AWARD 2022 by World HRD Congress. This award is given to a business organization in Pune region every year that stands out in their HR Practices and Communications.
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