Leading the Way

Helping customers in successfully navigating the uncharted while developing innovative products
Mohan Chaubal, CEO

"SpringCT, unreservedly, is a world class partner. They are essentially our engineering and production team. We are extremely happy!" noted the CTO of a collaboration technology startup while responding to a survey carried out by a consulting company. Nothing can be more satisfying than these words of confidence and appreciation! I feel proud of our team’s ability to provide technology leadership and to deliver outstanding results to our customers

As a leading outsourced product development company focused on high-tech, innovative software development, we get many opportunities to help our customers with utilizing emerging technologies. It is not very uncommon that the inhouse teams of the customers lack relevant technical experience as they are tied to the technologies chosen a few years ago for their existing products. Customers often expect SpringCT to take the lead and navigate technology development while adhering to their timeline and budget requirements.

Meeting these expectations is not easy. Our business and technology teams need to develop a comprehensive understanding of not only the technical requirements but the customer's product roadmap, business plans, and target markets. We need to understand the offerings of their competition as well. We need to be able to anticipate end user expectations and propose effective solutions to meet them. To be effective in this, SpringCT decided early on to focus on industry verticals rather than generic software technologies. This allows us to regularly spend effort to stay up-to-date with industry trends, track new offerings in the market and follow changing user expectations. We are able to recommend product features to meet these expectations and to create differentiation.

SpringCT has taken effort to develop the work culture that inspires leadership and innovation. We invest regularly in exploring emerging technologies. Collaborative efforts involving members at all levels from software engineers to architects give everyone an opportunity to discuss and experiment with their ideas. Creativity is always encouraged. There may be failures on the way, but we look at them as opportunities to learn and grow.

These practices prepare our teams to respond quickly to situations. In a recent instance, when a large insurance business exploring collaboration platform developed by us for a startup company quickly ramped up usage, cloud infrastructure needed to be expanded to support peak demand. Infrastructure cost suddenly shot up putting stress on the customer’s cashflow. Our engineering team promptly studied usage patterns and implemented unique autoscaling techniques for media servers and other cloud infrastructure, bringing down the cost significantly within weeks.

It is a great value to have technology and domain experts available to guide the project teams when needed. This helps in developing ingenious solutions to address technical challenges, reduce cost and enhance user experience. It also helps in delivering phenomenal outcomes at times. Very recently we delighted a new customer by building a desktop client for their interactive online education platform in less than two weeks. They have built a very strong web app over the last two years. When they decided to build the desktop app, their own product team was anticipating development time of about three months for MVP, but our team figured out a way to reuse the existing code and build a feature rich desktop app really quickly.

While such dramatic events help in kickstarting a new relationship, continuous improvement has to be our focus for the long term. Routinely exceeding customer expectations and delivering outstanding results in product development is our endeavour. Our commitment to stay at the forefront of technology and regularly incorporate the latest advancements into our work helps in achieving this. As a dependable technology partner, we certainly look forward to helping many more companies in bringing their product ideas to life!

Author: Mohan Chaubal. Posted on February 3, 2023