Digital Health

SpringCT has been working in digital healthcare space encompassing multiple facets of healthcare ecosystem. We have worked with our customers to provide solutions ranging from critical patient care, continuum care to maintaining well being of patients. With the right blend of expertise in managing IoT enabled devices, managing real-time communication using WebRTC and linking data with predictive analysis, SpringCT is in an unique position to serve digital health solutions to its customers.

Data Acquisition


  • Digital health is helping to empower patients so that they can take care of their health in a smart way.
  • SpringCT has helped the customers to develop patient centric solutions where patients can monitor symptoms and stay connected with providers. At the same time they are informed about their health data captured in EHR.


  • This is continuously advancing space in digital health landscape shifting towards providing remote care to patients.
  • SpringCT has developed various telehealth solutions where medical devices and wearables help the clinicians to provide better care services to various categories of patients.
  • We have helped providers in revenue generation by integrating correct CPT/ICD codes for eligible patients.


  • Caregivers ensure that the best care services are provided to patients.
  • SpringCT has developed digital health solutions to assist caregivers for tracking patients, identify their needs, monitor vital health parameters, and indirectly help the providers to reduce emergency situations.

Our Expertise

Face Recognition

Connected Devices - Smart Watches

SpringCT has developed smart-watches catering to the needs of specific categories of patients.

Right from completely creating easy UI and gathering vital health parameters to developing algorithms, we have worked extensively in smart watches.

Audio Translation

CPT and ICD codes

With our good understanding of the CPT codes applicable for RPM, RTM, and CCM, we have streamlined the billing and insurance claim process for our customers.

Such automated mapping of right CPT and ICD codes also results in improved patient outcome.

Helps providers for streamlining the process of revenue generation.

Augmented Reality

Integration with Smart Watch

In depth knowledge and experience of working with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

Developed analytical reports based on such collected data helps the providers to monitor patients effectively resulting into improved quality of life for patients.

Augmented Reality

OEM Data Integration

Integrated OEM data with digital health solutions for tracking data from wearables and similar devices for all patients.

OEM data integration was done for monitoring vital health parameters like BP, weight, glucose and SpO2.

Augmented Reality

Connected Devices - Smart Algorithms

Our digital health expertise and nice technical expertise helps customers for the development of algorithms for specific purpose either to process device inputs or patients’ movements.

SpringCT has developed algorithms to identify abnormal movements of patients suffering from seizure, which has proven life saving for patients, as the immediate help is provided to such patients.

Augmented Reality

Integration with Medical Devices

While providing virtual care, usage of such medical devices is inevitable, as it helps in accurate diagnosis of patients.

We have integrated digital stethoscope, ECG device, glucometer, pulse oximeter, digital thermometer with various mHealth and telehealth solutions.

Real time data from these devices is made available to doctors, who are checking patients remotely and brings precision in diagnosis.

Augmented Reality

Integration with EMR/EHR

We have integrated epic as well as proprietary/mid-scale EHRs with digital health solutions developed for our customers.

Very good understanding of HL7/FHIR standard enables us to map the required patient data from EMR/EHR with application data.

Augmented Reality

HIPAA Compliance

Every digital health solution developed by SpringCT is HIPAA compliant.

We understand exactly what all is required to comply with HIPAA standard, right from development, deployment, till backup and recovery strategies.

Augmented Reality

Integration with Drug Data

We have done integration with FDA approved drug list that helps in automating the process of generating prescriptions.

Drug database integration helps to reduce human errors as well as brings in more accuracy in prescription generation.

Augmented Reality

Mobile App

High speed internet is enabling users, patients, practitioners to connect over the mobile app and monitor health of patients.

SpringCT has delivered telehealth solution that works across iOS and android smart phones enabling virtual visit of practitioner to patients.

We understand how webRTC works across the platforms for hybrid development as well as for native development for mobile apps.


Customized App Development
Customized Development of Telehealth Solution

Our unified collaboration experience in developing scalable and complex solutions comes handy for developing telehealth solutions.

We have integrated medical devices in telehealth solution, where video/ audio streams emitted by the devices are available to the providers in real time during telehealth sessions.

KMS Consultancy
Integration with Medical Devices

Wearables, various sensor-based devices are becoming more popular.

Entire focus is getting shifted to providing remote patient monitoring services, where such medical devices and wearables help to get connected with patients to fetch the real time data.

Such vast input data is helping providers to understand the dynamic factors affecting the health parameters.

Customized Development of Chatbot

Chatbots help hospitals and administrative staff to reduce their workload to a certain extent by automating routine interactions.

Our chatbot expertise comes handy when healthcare solution needs assistance in automating appointment system and even to resolve repetitive queries of patients.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Solution

We have developed CCM solutions for various customers, where it helped providers to track and analyze patient data, allowing them to identify potential issues earlier and make better decisions about treatment. As a result, objective of improved patient outcomes and reduced mortality is achieved.

Our collaboration experience complements us to establish communication channel among providers, patients, caregivers, patients’ relatives to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Chronic care management solution can help providers deliver better care to their patients while improving their own workflows and efficiency.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

It is a healthcare service that enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients’ health status and progress outside of traditional clinical settings. We have developed several solutions as per customers requirement, where care services are made available to remote patients as well.

It encompasses our expertise across telehealth, IoT and mHealth solution development where patients are monitories continuously on their key health parameters, alerts are generated for values going beyond range.

Behavioral Health

It is the branch of digital health that focuses on the connection between a person's behaviors, emotions, and overall well-being. It includes the diagnosis and treatment of mental health.

With the help of mHealth, surveys, instant chatting, video calling options, we have developed behavioral health solutions for our customers.

Tracking the emotions and moods of such patients on regular basis is very critical to decide the treatment line.

Counseling sessions can be carried out remotely, where patient does not have to reveal any details with others.

Case Studies

Telehealth Solution with Extended Remote Patient Monitoring Support

Business Collaboration

We developed a telehealth solution for providing care services remotely to patients. The platform gave the opportunity to practitioners for collaborating with other experts to provide care services as well as keep patients engaged. Also, the platform is integrated with medical devices and wearables that keep on sending real time data of vital health parameters. Analytical dashboard of the telehealth solution reads the centralized collated device data and generates various health parameter based reports and charts. Consequently, it helped practitioners to monitor the health of connected patients. Various emergency situations were reduced with the help of system generated alerts. Alerts are generated if any of the health parameters go beyond the set limits for the respective patient. End-to-end solution consists of web and mobile solution components.

CPT Code Integration for CCM, RPM, RTM and Telehealth Services


Our customer was struggling in generating correct billing information while managing multiple Telehealth sessions for multiple patients, as several CPT codes were applicable for various actions taken by physicians. Manual errors in mapping incorrect CPT codes were delaying the entire billing and insurance claim process. They wanted an automated solution to generate billing for each patient. We studied multiple CPT codes involved in Critical Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Remote Therapeutic Management, and telehealth services. We designed and developed an algorithm to generate an accurate billing by tracking the time spent by physicians for different activities performed for different patients. We also created a dashboard showing all patients along with their billing information based on applicable CPT codes.

Chatbot for Ambulance Booking


Our customer was looking for a smart solution that will help patients to book ambulances without hassles. In case of emergency situations, instead of waiting for someone to answer the call for ambulance booking, our customer was expecting a solution that would immediately assist the patients’ relatives in booking ambulance. As a part of the solution, we developed an NLP based chatbot by using the Aria framework. The chatbot assists patients in booking an ambulance. It collects all necessary details of the patients such as name, location, date and time etc. and allows immediate or advance booking of ambulance. It also enables cancellation and re-scheduling of current bookings. It also tracks the dispatch status and current location of the ambulance and provides ETA for current bookings to patients.

Health Watch (Wearable Device)

Business Collaboration

We developed a smart watch based solution for the patients suffering from seizures to get them timely medical aid and avert risk to life. A mobile app pairs with the smart watch, receives seizure events detected by the watch, notifies them to appropriate contacts and reports the event on the server. The App collects abnormal motion data and emergency alerts from the watch and analyzes this data for events detection with severity assessment. When severe events are identified, app initiates automatic actions such as sending text messages with patient’s location information or dial a phone call to configured contacts. Local data on the phone is synchronized with the cloud when network is available. It also facilitates remote configuration and monitoring of the watch from a web portal. This health watch has helped to save lives of several patients, as they got emergency help immediately.

Medical Devices Commissioning and Maintenance Solution


We developed a solution for US based customer to manage the inventory of medical devices at various dealers and sub- dealers locations. This solution helps customer to commission medical devices and configure it for end users. It also helps in performing remote tests on the devices that are sold to the end users. The solution helped the customer to take care of customer support and fulfillment process in the distribution of medical devices to end users. The web solution also supported in handling repairs and maintenance work along with refurbishment of old devices. This solution has brought in efficiency in making medical devices available at multiple locations effectively and resolve end user queries efficiently.

Path Lab Management Solution


Our customer wanted to develop a mediator solution between patients and path labs providing various tests for patients spread across wider geographical area. They wanted a complete path lab management solution that can be connected with multiple Path Labs at a time. SpringCT developed a solution covering end-to-end workflow of path lab management system starting from patient booking the tests, inventory management, sample pick-up schedule, actual sample pick up, coordination with path lab centers, delivery to technician, till reporting back to patients. It helped patients to get desired services from their preferred Path Lab and in turn helped Path Labs to widen their patient-base.

Connected Point of Care Devices

Field Support

Client was a leading medical IT solutions vendor in point of care solutions. They wanted a solution to remotely collect patient information from POCT and analyze the same on Server Side application. SpringCT developed a mobile device based application to connect with multiple Point of Care devices to link all POCT analyzers to a central server. The application transmitted POCT results to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) & Hospital Information Management System( HIMS). Solution has brought in the efficiency in overall management of multiple POC devices.

Control Software for Tablet Dissolution Testing Equipment


SpringCT worked with a pharmaceutical company that was looking for a solution to measure time taken for dissolving a tablet to determine its quality in terms of percentage of drug release from the tablet and the rate of release. We developed a solution for measuring the dissolution time involving Tablet Dissolution Bath equipment, transport assembly including pumps and valves and analytical measuring equipment like spectrophotometer or high performance liquid chromatograph. This entire solution was compliant with US FDA 21 CFR part 11. Various analytical reports were also generated to help the company to understand the patterns and trends in dissolution.