International Remittance as a Service

Dec 2017

SpringCT has partnered with a Financial Technology Company in USA to develop platform for international remittance services. The services are built by integrating with third party exchange networks that provide gateways for processing payments over the existing banking systems. The platform provides white-labeled Mobile Apps and Web Portals for using the services and supports various payment methods such as cash pickup and delivery, bank deposits, mobile wallets and cash to card.


Telehealth: A New Horizon in Long Term Care

Feb 2018

SpringCT has signed up for contribution to the development of a holistic telehealth services platform. The platform intelligently and cohesively enables connected care amongst Patients, Facilities and Providers by integrating a large number of medical devices in a highly secure manner. The platform enables healthcare practitioners to remotely view and diagnose patients' condition by using state of the art multimedia and collaboration technologies.


Phishing Awareness Training

Nov 2017

SpringCT contributed to the development of a training platform for a leading provider of security services that helps organizations in protecting their employees and customers from cyber-attacks. Using the simulation training platform, security experts are able to build ongoing training programs that quickly develop skills in their employees to protect against real-world phishing threats.


Highly Scalable Web Conferencing Platform

Sept 2017

SpringCT has developed a robust and secure online meeting and web conferencing platform for a leading online education institution in the world. The platform facilitates online communication, collaboration and education across the globe by supporting interactive meetings with up to 200 participants and webinars with thousands of attendees. Users can join using desktop and mobile browsers or mobile apps and use features like screensharing, annotations, meeting recording, and live translations in multiple languages.


Learn Bansuri Online from Anywhere in the World

June 2017

SpringCT has built a Mobile Learning App for myGurukul, a torchbearer of the Hindustani tradition of classical music and tutor to many for learning to play the Indian Flute. The App comes loaded with features such as videos and illustrations on how to play Bansuri, ability for students to record their performances and share with the teachers for review, as well as live video conferencing sessions with the Guru, Mr Vivek Sonar. The app supports in-app purchase of flutes and licensing of learning content and implements DRM protection.


Industry Specific Energy Efficiency and Cost Management

March 2017

SpringCT has helped in building a cloud based solution that exploits the advances in IoT for the benefit of Manufacturing and Commercial facilities to optimize their energy costs. The system enables real-time capture of energy consumption data as well as business specifics using energy meters, sensors and devices connected to Internet. This data is analyzed to understand usage patterns and to identify cost reduction opportunities. Dashboards with effective visualization can be designed to meet requirements of various stakeholders.

Monitoring platform

State of the Art Environment Monitoring Platform

Aug 2017

SpringCT has contributed to the development of an IoT platform that monitors temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters. The platform is loaded with features that include quick & easy setup, sensor maps, remote monitoring, secure connections, analytics & reporting, and actionable alerts. The platform has been used to quickly build applications for a variety of industries including Restaurants, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Perishable Food, Meat Processing, Supermarkets and more.

Wearable tachnology

Wearable Technology for People Prone to Seizures

Aug 2016

SpringCT has contributed to the development of monitoring and tracking solution for people suffering from epilepsy. The solution developed using smart watches fuses together sensor, mobile and cloud technologies with big-data analytics in a seamless environment. A product that recently won accolades at CES for innovative application of wearable technology enhances safety for people with chronic health conditions, while offering significant peace-of mind to their families and caregivers.


Partnership with Kurento Technologies

Apr 2016

Spring CT has entered into a partnership program with Kurento Technologies in Spain. Kurento has a real time multimedia service developed as an evolution of Kurento Media Server. In addition to the Beta testing program, the partnership is to facilitate the communication and analysis of opportunities related to new projects of the partners in the WebRTC space.