Unified Communication

SpringCT, one of the earliest adopters of WebRTC, is at the forefront of custom development services for web based Real-Time Communications (RTC) applications. We have been effectively leveraging our WebRTC expertise developed through in-house technology research for building high performance, scalable multi-party audio, video collaboration solutions. We have developed applications for diverse industries as Education, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

Advanced Features

SpringCT has built several innovative features using WebRTC


SpringCT has a decade of experience in building highly scalable, reliable and tailored collaboration solutions for product companies across the globe. Our R&D team has explored WebRTC technology in depth and helps our customers in every aspect of product life cycle management.

Customized App Development

Customized App

SpringCT’s in-house team of professionals carries an in-depth experience in designing, developing and implementing tailored WebRTC applications that suit customer requirements well. SpringCT’s product development service offerings range from conferencing platform development to native mobile and desktop application development. SpringCT has developed highly scalable products in Group call conference and webinars supporting thousands of participants from various endpoints like iOS, Android, Windows and MAC and various web-browsers.

KMS Consultancy


SpringCT presents a leading edge practices and offers the advisory and consulting services around WebRTC that includes analyzing issues related to server deployment, configuration and its usage in the software applications. Our collaboration with Naeva Tek (KMS) also gives us access to their in-depth knowledge of WebRTC helping us in troubleshooting challenging problems.

Scalability On Cloud Platforms

Scalability on
Cloud Platforms

Clustering and scalability solutions that scale up and down automatically have been a top request from the customers. SpringCT offers a state of the art scalability solution services that help customer to auto scale up and scale down the server to support maximum users in an extensive lasting real-time conferences and webinars and thereby achieve high performance and cost effective deployment infrastructure.

Development Operations

Development Operations

SpringCT offers professional services to support deployment of WebRTC servers and monitoring / managing services to ensure availability and performance. SpringCT’s Infrastructure services are designed to help in managing the complexity of system and minimize downtime. We provide responsive, seamless and high quality support services by working collaboratively with our clients. Our Dev Ops team is equipped to manage any WebRTC IT infrastructure including cloud services like AWS or Azure.

Our Partners

Together we focus on enhanced communication services, improved productivity and ultimately, superior business outcomes.

Kurento Partnership


SpringCT has helped to integrate WebRTC technology in existing service offerings of our clients in different industry verticals and enabled them to rapidly scale their business.