SpringCT has been working in Connected Healthcare space encompassing all the facets of Healthcare Ecosystem. We have worked with our customers to provide solutions ranging from critical patient care to maintaining general health status. With the right blend of expertise in managing IoT enabled devices, managing real-time communication using WebRTC and linking data with predictive analysis, SpringCT is in unique position to serve customers in a better way in Healthcare space.

Advanced Features


SpringCT has a decade of experience in building highly scalable, reliable and tailored collaboration solutions for product companies across the globe. Our R&D team has explored WebRTC technology in depth and helps our customers in every aspect of product life cycle management.

Customized App Development

Customized development of Telehealth Solution

Our unified collaboration experience in developing scalable and complex solutions comes handy for developing Telehealth solutions. We have integrated medical devices in Telehealth solution, where video/audio streams emitted by the devices are available to the providers in real time during Telehealth sessions

KMS Consultancy

Integration with Medical Devices

Wearables, various sensor based devices are becoming more popular. Entire focus is getting shifted to providing remote patient monitoring services, where such medical devices and wearables help to get connected with patients to fetch the real time data. Such vast input data is helping providers to understand the dynamic factors affecting the health parameters.

Scalability On Cloud Platforms

Customized development of Chatbot

Chatbots technology helps hospitals and administrative staff to reduce their workload to a certain extent by automating routine interations. Our chatbot expertise comes handy when healthcare solution needs assistance in automating appointment system and even to resolve repetitive queries of patients.

Development Operations

Penetration Testing and HIPAA Compliance

The safety & security of apps is vital when it comes to Healthcare solutions. We offer end-to-end penetration testing solution covering the testing of application as well as the hosted environment. A detailed vulnerabilities report is generated having the suggestions for remediation.

Development Operations

mHealth Solutions

Extensive mobile development experience helps in developing mHealth solutions. Easy-to-use interface, connectivity to wearables/medical devices and integration with web application makes mobile application an part of any Healthcare solution.

Case Studies